Replace optical drive, right?

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I have a powerbook G4 12? (867mhz) Aluminum

Every time I put a CD or DVD in the drive, the computer makes a high shrieking sound. When I eject the media and look at the disc I see that there is a white line which I believe to be is a pretty bad scratch. That would mean something is very wrong with my SuperDrive, right?

If so, does anyone have any recommendations for the cheapest place where I can get the drive replaced and professionally installed?


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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    I would go for a Pioneer interal superdrive these are reasonably cheap or cheaper still would be the same brand external USB2/FW Superdrive (CDRW/DVDRW DL)

    The white mark definately sound like something has broken/come loose inside your superdrive.
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