replace harddrive in Powerbook 12"

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I'm a happy owner of a rev. A 12" Powerbook. Everything works great, but the harddrive begins to make strange noise sometimes. Since I can't afford to loose my work I will replace it before it fails.

I would like to make a straight copy of my drive to the new one.

Therefor I have made a clone of the harddrive to my external Backup drive. Everything seems to be OK. (I have used carbon copy cloner 3 beta to do so). There is only one problem. I can't boot from the, supposedly, bootable clone. Do I have to remove the open firmware password? Or is there anything wrong with my external drive (LC-power firewire)?

Can I simply make a clone to my external harddrive, than boot from it after I changed the internal drive and than clone back?

What strategy would you suggest to speed the process up?

If a clone doesn't work, I will probably make a fresh install and than copy my user folder manually to the new drive.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you


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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    Carbon Copy Cloner 3 is still in beta and this may not be working correctly as yet. Try an earlier version of the app as they do make bootable copies.
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    Ok, I've done it.

    My Powerbook got really faster. I've put a Hitachi 7200rpm drive in it. It got louder too, but not too much.

    Changing the disk is a lot of work, but not difficult. If someone needs help, I can now give some advices.

    There is just one thing. I've installed a fresh copy of MacOS and than copied manually the userfolder. Everything works well as expected, and I've not lost data. The onlyu thing that doesen't work are the DNS-servers. I can connect to my VPN network since it has a IP adress, but I can't connect to the DNS servers (that work on other computers here). Any ideas?
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    Congrats on swapping the hard drive!

    I don't understand what you mean by the DNS servers not working. Are you using a static IP address? Or do you have DNS server information in your Network settings? You mention other computers on you network that do work, what are their Network settings?
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    I do connect to the internet through a router. Since the router has had some problems in getting the DNS information from my ISP automatically, I've set up all the computers on the network with DNS-server information from my ISP manually in the network preferences. It has always worked this way.

    I believe that it is some permissions problem or something like that, but "repair permissions" hasn't corrected this problem. I will try to delete network preferences and than make new ones.
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