How to Create THREE partitions using Bootcamp?

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Hey everyone, just got the new macbook pro intel core 2 duo up and running, I´ve switched from PC and I still am quite a newbie on this system.

So, I just made two partitions using the bootcamp software, one NTFS(XP) and one with the MAC OSX(HFS+) that was already installed with the MAC.

So I´m now thinking, I would like to have one FAT32 partition also, so I can use it to switch files between theese two partitions, like an in-between partition. I thought this would be a good solution. So to the queston..

How do I make this new partition now?. or is it possible.. I almost haven´t installed anything yet.. so the two partitions are practicly "clean" except from the OS´s on each parition. On a PC, you´d have to erase the discs totally... I think..?

has anyone tried this, and how do you do that in OSX?

any help would be very much appreciated!


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    i would like to know about this as well because i'm sick and tired of the bugy NTFS read mode on OSX (some files are missing for some reason) and the inability of OSX to write NTFS partition >_<
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    zoczoc Posts: 77member
    Bootcamp cannot create three partitions.

    You'll have to do it yourself using the "resizeVolume" option of diskutil. There are plenty of examples on how to do that and "google is your friend". One of these examples :
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,796member
    Well you could just use Parallels to install the other version of Windows.
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    kedakeda Posts: 722member
    Will Parallels allow you to create a partition?
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    zoczoc Posts: 77member
    He does not want to install another version of Windows.

    All he wants is a FAT32 formatted partition to share files between OSX and XP.
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    paprochypaprochy Posts: 129member
    you can use "macdrive" to see the OSX partition from XP. Google it.
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    Great! THX for the feedback, yeah I also "heard" about this program called Macdrive.. that actually sounded like quite a good Idea. I´m just curious of how well it works, especially with transfering larger files over the filesystems. Don´t know which idea is the best, though but I´ll just have to try all of the good suggstions here, I´ll download Macdrive right away and try it. The only bottleneck would be that I´d have to make all the transfers while logged in to Windows, but I guess that´s OK cause I can still read and write to both disks.
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    physguyphysguy Posts: 920member
    Or you can do what I've done in install MacFuse, MacFuse tools and ntfs-g3. This works great with bootcamp and parallels and I can copy back and forth as I like.

    MacFuse can be gotten at

    MacFuse toosl and ntfs-g3 packages can be gotten at

    Just install. The shadowofged blog is a great reference.
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