Apple Bluetooth Keyboard problems

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I've had my G5 iMac and the bluetooth keyboard for around a year and a half now, and the past few months the wireless keyboard has been disconnecting frequently. At first I figured it was because the batteries were low, and occasionally it would display the low battery on screen. However, once placing new batteries and double checking to be sure they're in right, it still looses the connection easily. If it gets bumped, even gently, sometimes the connection will get lost, and sometimes just randomly. Then OSX wants me to pair the keyboard with the computer, which is not possible. I can't type a passkey if the keyboard isn't connected!!

To reconnect I have to open the bluetooth set up assistant, search for keyboard, I usually have to turn it off and back on and then once it finds my keyboard, type in the passkey and then it works again.

Also, when I restart the computer the keyboard usually won't be connected, I'll have to wait until the bluetooth set up assistant pops up after a minute or two before I can type in my password to log in.

It's becomming and inconvenience as it will disconnect right in the middle of important conversations and while I'm working. I am wondering if anyone else has been having these problems with bluetooth keyboards and specifically Apple's. Also, I purchased the extended Apple Care, so does anyone know if I would be able to exchange my keyboard for a new one?

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