Drive 10

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Anyone ever used this ? Any good ?

How to install it ?

Txs a lot



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    nijiniji Posts: 288member
    i bought this several weeks ago.

    i like it very much. i only use it for os x, and it works flawlessly with x.

    i especially like that it that you can:

    1. use the cd for a start up disk, and

    2. the optimizer (defragger) is a kick to watch! you can see the blobs of data being recoagulated before yr very eyes. fascinating stuff.

    installation was nothing difficult. just standard os x app installation.


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    frank_tfrank_t Posts: 428member
    People have said bad things about this app but i don't understand why? i mean i have used it and it never stuffed up my HD....i mean if these people don't give time to the app to do it's job and restart while it open they get what they get and that is a stuffed up HD in the end....It worked for me.

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