MacBook won't start, Apple Support can't help

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I'm in India for 4 months doing a recording project here. My MacBook Pro (2.33 Ghz 15", 2 Gig Ram, 120 GB HD, purchased in Denmark), froze up while updating to 10.4.9 a couple days ago. I let it sit for about 90 min. before resetting, and now it won't load past the grey apple screen with the spinning gears...

It won't boot in safe mode, and holding opt+v shows that everything seems normal, except it repeats "could not establish the default connection to the windowserver" over and over forever. I also tried purging the PRAM.

I used a friend's osx install CD, from his Macbook, which would not allow me to reinstall, but did give me access to first aid. I checked the disk and permissions, etc. and everything came out fine. Still doesn't start, though.

I'm resigned to reinstalling everything, and have backed up all the important data using said friends laptop to treat mine as a "slave".

The problem is - I can't get my hands on the proper install CD. Mine is sitting at home in Denmark. I've gone to all 4 "official" apple techs here in Chennai, and none of their CDs work - they say it's probably a problem with the wrong "region" or something. One of them contacted apple, and then called me to tell me that it would have to wait until I get home and get my own CDs! Apple won't send the proper CDs to India, it seems. I tried calling the Apple india number listed on the website, but it doesn't work - i heard they shut down their India headquarters in Bangalore recently....

Is there anything I can do, or am I stuck carrying around a brick for the next 4 months?

I have to say, apple "support" has really let me down - there's no number to call and nobody I can email with my problems - only local techs who basically have told me I'm screwed...

I'm hoping one of you can help me - anything would be appreciated.


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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    It looks like quite a few people are having this problem this maybe your only solution to get it working again.

    Info here

    It seems to be working for most people. I hope it works for you.
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    Yes, eventually that link helped - it was tough to wade through as it was not formatted great (unix code in blogger...)

    The interesting thing was the fact that the minimum 3 or 4 people who complained about their problem and asked for help (including myself) on the official mac support forums had our threads removed without answer by the admin! Is this how Mac developes this sense that their systems are stable? By making everyone think they're the only ones with the problem?

    There were about 30 people who were helped by the blogger page - makes me wonder how many thousands had their computers screwed by the 10.4.9 update, and how much apple techs will make fixing it (no warranty coverage for software or updates!)
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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    I have noticed that if posts suddenly go missing from the apple forum they are behind it and are aware of the problems they have caused. I wouldn't be surprized if there is a fix sometime very soon from apple.
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