Anyone Nut's About Nascar?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Well i see that Nascar 2002 for os x is coming..which is good but not as good since you just go around and around around and around around and around around and around around and around in a 0 most of the time.....but i hope they get a better demo out than the F1 game.....



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    I for one am excited about a Nascar game finally coming to the Mac. Now I actually have the option of buying a nascar racing game. The question for me is do they have any decent steering wheels that will run in OS X?
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Cool! I may actually break down and buy a game!

    Long as I can drive the 88 UPS Taurus! Vroom!

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    Some parts of the game had to be rewritten because they were written in assembly I believe. Duane Johnson rewrote that part in Altivec and C. The game is also well threaded meaning it'll take advantage of dual processor Macs. The game is the first to make use of 10.2.3's upcoming Immersion drivers, meaning steering wheels that are Immersion-compatible will have Force Feedback. All steering wheels should work via HID. The game will not be networkable with PCs due to Sierra/Papyrus' ridiculous DirectX fetishes.

    That's all.
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