Mac for small busniess

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I am wanting to swtich to Mac. I am wanting to use it for a small busniess and would like to be able to take and swipe credit cards. I have had no luck finding anything that would work on Mac. any ideas?



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    Similar question - is there an easy way to set up a mac to do small business payroll? (i.e. printing checks, deducting taxes, filing payroll taxes with government, W-2 at end of year etc)
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    bump - somebody must be doing this...
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    Simply Elegant Sales is a premier small business point of sale (POS) application that was designed from the ground up exclusively for Apple's Macintosh OS X "Tiger." This unique POS system is designed with an efficient keyboard workflow for fast and accurate order processing. It can also track in store credit and utilize PayPal as your credit card clearing house.

    Built from the ground up for Mac including using Core Data for a the backend peristent store. I'm betting money that it'll link with some of the popular card swipes.

    MacPOS from Crossman



    With MacPOSx you can use a Macintosh at the point-of-sale in your business. It could be your MacBook at a trade show, a MacPro tower in the back-office, or an iMac at the checkout of your store.

    User Friendly

    Just like using a Mac, our software is simple and easy to use. Its one-touch intuitive design gives you complete control using a keyboard, mouse or touch screen monitor.

    Flexible Design

    A unique feature of MacPOSx is changing the layout of the interface to better fit your needs and monitor. Use a font style, size and color that you like, not the ones that we prefer. Print customized receipts and invoices with your company logo, product coupons and detailed messages.

    Fast and Powerful

    Creating a sale with MacPOSx is simple and only requires a few keystrokes or mouse clicks and it is fast. Find your inventory or pricing information instantly and collect new customer information, enter new products, record sales and contact notes easily at the point-of-sale. Start using MacPOSx in a departmental sales mode the very first day and enter your inventory later.

    Barcode Support

    Print barcode labels for the items you sell with your existing printer and popular off-the-shelf Avery brand labels. Add a scanner to read those barcodes and accurately price the items you sell.

    Credit Card Processing

    MacPOSx seamlessly provides fast credit card transaction authorizations via the AuthPayX First Data Client over your internet connection to First Data, the world's largest credit card processor. Typical response is 2-3 seconds from the time the charge is submitted to AuthPayX and an authorization is received by MacPOSx. You can use MacPOSx with existing credit card terminals, but they will not be integrated solutions.

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    Originally Posted by e1618978 View Post

    Similar question - is there an easy way to set up a mac to do small business payroll? (i.e. printing checks, deducting taxes, filing payroll taxes with government, W-2 at end of year etc)

    Try MYOB this will do all you are asking including online filing ect have used it for the last two yrs.
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    There used to be a POS kit called JAMM for "Just Add Mac Mini."
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    Both Lightspeed and POSIM
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    Prosperity POS offers full restaurant POS for Mac with iPad support coming in early 2013. We offer a competitive featureset in the restaurant POS industry and have a product that can be either purchased as full systems or installed as software only for just $649.

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