Is This real? - Design Issues

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It still could be a bone to throw us off a trail. First, I realize they removed the mouse and keyboard to assist in providing a better picture, but what if this is a fake image.

I still have a question about the weight ratio, If the display is being supported by an arm, how easily will it be to knock this computer over? take a 6 lb flat screen 15" monitor, on a base that appears to be 7" tall by about 10" to 12" in diameter (assuming it is not tear shape in back for stability) we have a small space for processor, superdrive, ports and any other connections.

Now considering that digital harware will be connected and disconnected, we can tell that it will get handled quite a bit. This makes me wonder how it will be stabalized.

Extra weight in the processor base? Will this cause heating issues? The cube was only about 8 lbs, in order for the monitor to swivel, the base needs to weigh more to allow for balance. Also what about the mount itself. Will the swivel part became loose over time and will the monitor have a hard time staying in position?

Not to bash it already, I love the design, it really is far beyond what I expected. I just think about how well the original iMac sold to people with kids who use them - will this iMac offer the kid friendly ability to handle kids themself - in other words will it have the durability of a consumer computer like the old iMac?

Personally I want one - G4 and DVD write capability in one little machine.


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    I bet there is an iron plate at the bottom of the unit. That's how most lamps are designed, and a monitor is heavier than a lightbulb and cowl by far.

    Or maybe they incorporated anti-gravity.

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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    The heat sink alone will likely weigh enough.
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    ferroferro Posts: 453member
    Anyone who is still holding on the the "it is a fake, just to throw us off" idea are as pathetic as those nerds still over at

    ... let it go...



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    kcmackcmac Posts: 1,051member
    You actually think that after 2 years of development on this design (according to the article) that Apple wouldn't have figured this out?
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