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My problem is as simple as this :

I really want to get a bunch of RM ( Real media ) files on to my Ipod. In order to do this, I will need a program that will make the proper conversion. I HAVE FOUND A BILLION OF THEM ... BUT THEY ARE NOT MAC COMPATIBLE!!! Uuuugh, Im very frustrated and sure could use some help. If you know of any programs that will convert RM > Ipod, RM > MP4, RM > AVI, RM > DIVX, RM > Quicktime ... OR ANYTIHNG THAT WILL HELP FOR MATTER, I sure could use some help



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    Realplayer is a bad format so you should make a habit of avoiding getting realplayer files. There are two things you can do. You can run Windows in Virtual PC on PPC or Parallels on Intel and use a Windows program or try ffmpegx. ffmpegx is tricky to get installed but it deals with a huge range of formats. You're better with isquint though but it doesn't seem to like rm files even though it uses ffmpeg.
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