iMac - RAM / memory upgrade, what brands?

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Sorry if this has been discussed, but I didn't find anything on search.

I'm currently in South Korea where RAM prices are pretty cheap, and I'd like to upgrade the RAM on my iMac C2D. They've got lots of fun brands out here that I've never heard of, but they do have Transcend, Hynix, Samsung, Kingston, and a few others that I've heard of. Crucial/Corsair is nonexistent over here, and Mushkin is pretty expensive. Out of the above options, which would work "best"? And, of course, does it even matter what brand I get, so long as the specs match? I know that Macs were picky prior to Intel, but I have no idea right now. Thoughts?


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    Doesn't matter what brand, RAM is RAM, there's no difference between PC's and Macs in that regard. However, make sure you get PC2-5300 chips, they clock at 667MHz. PC2-6400 chips should work, but it's a waste of money, since the chips will slow themselves down from 800MHz to 667, anyway.

    In any case, scope them all out first, get one with a good warranty, at least 3 years. Lifetime warranties are becoming popular, and are obviously the best way to go. Remember, as well, that although the iMac is a desktop, it uses laptop RAM to conserve space, so make sure you get SO-DIMM chips, not DIMM.
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    Originally Posted by Missile Command Kid View Post

    but they do have Transcend, Hynix, Samsung, Kingston, and a few others that I've heard of.

    Those are good brands, choose one and buy it..
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    Thank you very much for the replies! You've both put my mind at ease. Thanks again!
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    Heh, well, I thought I'd point out for anybody interested that the RAM I pulled *out* of my iMac was indeed Samsung RAM (from China) - I picked up some 1GB Samsung sticks from Korea. No problems.
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