When did your Apple TV arive?

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Mine was delivered this morning 9:15 by Fedex. I am in Princeton NJ.

Next comes hooking up


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    sport73sport73 Posts: 438member
    Originally Posted by CI0002 View Post

    Mine was delivered this morning 9:15 by Fedex. I am in Princeton NJ.

    Next comes hooking up

    Please post impressions ASAP, pics/videos if possible.

    One question (since it doesn't look like mine will arrive until tomorrow - paid for 2-day as well - damn!)...

    Can you SYNC with the same Mac from which you STREAM?

    I ask because if I Sync my main Mac's Music/Photo/Movie library it won't fit on Apple TV's miniscule drive. I was hoping to Sync some content (apparently Photos MUST be sync'd) and to stream other. Possible?

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    My wife just signed for mine at 9:24am. Unfortunately, I won't open the box until 6:00pm...
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    gee4orcegee4orce Posts: 165member
    What ? Is this some kind of crazy religion ?

    LOL. I assume you're at work or something.
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    so the unpacking P0rn shouldnt be far away )

    cant wait to hear "real world" user experiance
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    ci0002ci0002 Posts: 23member
    My first take is that it is pretty slick.

    I had one setup issue. After connecting everything - nothing happened. Ok - the power cord comes out easily - it has to be really shoved in.

    Next the instructions say Open iTunes and select the Apple TV icon .. in the devices list. What devices list? So I go to iTunes preferences and under Apple TV there is nothing, even though the TV is giving me its access code on its screen.

    I call Apple. It takes a while, but finally I am told that the 'devices list' is over there on the left margin of iTunes where the albums are listed, and sure enough, it is - duh! The code is entered and all is fine.

    It is synching now. What had come across looks great.
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    Does anyone know if these are shipping/in store in the UK yet?
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    jasenj1jasenj1 Posts: 916member
    Unboxing pr0n here.
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    aplnubaplnub Posts: 2,591member
    Well, I have mine up and running as best I can. I have it on the wireless network for now. I will hook it up to the wired network as soon as I pick up some Leviton end connectors this weekend.

    I have a WPA2, SSID disabled, MAC address filtered wireless network run on my Linksys router. Setup was no problem. Quick and painless. Your Apple TV MAC address is on the outer cover of the box.

    The first bummer is everything is in black and white and not color. Yeah, you have to have HDMI or three video inputs to your TV, Y - Pb - Pr. My 20 something inch Magnavox has only one Video in or S-Video. So this sucks. I am running in 480i btw.

    My 32" Sanyo has the three mentioned above video slots so yeah for that TV but it is in the Living Room and I had really hoped to have this in the bedroom. I may move it after it finishes syncing.

    Oh well, at least setup was a breeze.
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