Make a avi file smaller

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I have a avi file that i need to shrink from 217mb to 15 mb.

Is there a wat to do that...does'nt matter if the quality gets a bit poor.

If that is not possible with program can i use the cut some pieces out of it.

Im not a pro in this stuf so recommend me some easy things .



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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    You're on the wrong site to ask about AVI files. However, if you bring it into iMovie of Quicktime Pro, you can convert it to an H.264 qt file, which will shave off a lot of space.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,217moderator
    Originally Posted by Splinemodel View Post

    You're on the wrong site to ask about AVI files.

    Macs handle AVI files just fine.

    If you get a program called isquint, it's one of the easiest programs to use. Just drop the file on and choose a quality setting. This will encode in ipod video format, which is one of the best formats. It normally encodes in mpeg-4 but there is a check box for H264 - that takes twice as long though.
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