Visual Voicemail Question/Speculation

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How do you guys think you'll record your outgoing message? I just thought of this today and I don't think I've seen any threads on this. It'd be really cool if we could do this simply on the phone, without having to call your voicemail number, just like listening to messages.

I think it'd be great because if you could change your message in just a few seconds, meaning you could do it as often as you update your away message on your IM client.

"I'm in a meeting 'till four. Either leave a message or call back later."

Any thoughts?


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    dfilerdfiler Posts: 3,420member
    Outgoing messages aren't stored locally on phones. Otherwise, callers couldn't leave messages unless your phone was on and connected to the network. This means that the iPhone will have to connect to the network in order to change an outgoing message.

    But I wouldn't be surprised if apple has streamlined the process so that it doesn't require manually dialing by a human. The upload could simply be done in the background.
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    -df-df Posts: 136member
    Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Voicemail messages aren't usually stored locally on phones either, but that seems to be what happens on iPhone.

    I don't even think I'd change my message all that often, I just loathe ginog through 1353634573745624 ridiculous steps to change it.

    "To keep this message, press one. To delete this message, press two. To re-record this message, press 3. To have your phone battery explode in your face, press #."
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