iPhone and Leopard out at the same time?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
There are a lot of silly rumors about Leopard coming out today, tomorrow, or in October. A common answer has emerged to this and pretty much all other "when?" rumors - June!

Does anyone else think that it would be a bad idea to release iPhone and Leopard at the same time? The problem is, they'll steal each other's thunder. They're both big, important products - one poised to make Vista look completely outdated, the other a continuation of iPod's expansion into the non-computer market. Remember how iPhone cast a shadow over AppleTV? It doesn't matter much since AppleTV is a product that will really bloom in the future; for now it's a toe in the water. But iPhone and Leopard have to make a splash right away.

Here are some possibilities:

1. Leopard is released well before June, or June 1st at the latest. This gives us enough time to ooh and aaahh over Leopard and see what it has in stock for iPhone. This is my ideal scenario.

2. Leopard and iPhone are launched at the same event, competing for the spotlight (pun intended).

3. Leopard is released AFTER iPhone - no way.

4. All of Leopard's features are previewed in, say, May, and it ships in June - possible, though pre-announcing it would be pretty lame. We've had too many of those lately.

What's your ideal scenario, and what do you think is the likeliest? I'm happy to spend money on both products, but if I have to leave WWDC shelling out $800 in a single day, that'll be ouchy.
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