Apple working on crediting purchased iTunes towards album purchase

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There was a rumor, many moons ago, that Apple might eventually offer credit for individual song purchases when a user buys the entire album later. However, it seems that the rumor has popped up once again, except in "slightly less than rumor" form: The New York Times.

In an article about the value of the album and how artists are dealing with today's digital music structure, the New York Times makes mention that Apple is planning to do exactly that:

At the same time, the industry is straining to shore up the album as long as possible, in part by prodding listeners who buy one song to purchase the rest of a collection. Apple, in consultation with several labels, has been planning to offer iTunes users credit for songs they have already purchased if they then choose to buy the associated album in a certain period of time, according to people involved in the negotiations.

While this isn't quite as open as the "receive credit whenever you buy the album" theory, "within a certain period of time" is still somewhat good. Right now, if a user buys certain songs individually but decides to buy the album later, they have to pay for those individual songs twice.

Great idea, totally logical and it cost studios very little but encourages more revenue/profit potetial. I'd love to hear their excuse for not wanting to do something like this.


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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    WTF? I thought they already did this? (or was that purchasing a full season of a TV Show after a couple of individual episodes?)
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