WTF Happened To Final Cut Studio Crossgrae/ Upgrades?

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If you go to

The "crossgrades" and "upgrades" links are not working

When you go to the Apple Store it only has

"Final Cut Studio 5.1"

Buy New\t $1,299.00

Upgrade from Final Cut Pro 1, 2, or 3*\t $699.00


In the Apple Store buying page,

it says

"Upgrade deal:

For as little as $99, upgrade to the complete Universal version of Final Cut Studio from Final Cut Pro 4, HD (4.5), or 5; Motion 2; SoundTrack Pro; DVD Studio Pro 4; or Production Suite. Learn more >"

But the learn more link does not work.

So I had a client want to move to Final Cut Pro PPC 5.x to Final Cut Studio Universal 5.1 -- I couldn't find upgrade/crossgrade pricing for her.

It looks like an impending overhaul to Final Cut Studio [version 6! in a few weeks (NAB announcement) with Integrated Shake) (They merged Shake+Motion???) ...

Also anyway she was a heavy After Effects 7.x user on PPC, so I had to be honest about running After Effects 7.x [DVD-resolution] in Rosetta, I don't have a high enough level of confidence about this. But After Effects 8.0 Universal as we now know should be out mid-2007.

So for someone whose bread-and-butter is AfterEffects 7.x and FinalCutPro 5.x (not Studio) all on PPC, I couldn't move her onto a MacBookPro 2.33ghz 2gb RAM, although the poor thing was using an iBook G4 to show her renders to clients (she had to render to DVD each time out of her iMac G5 to take it onto the iBook G4) and not being able to make realtime changes.

Any feedback/ rants/ help/ etc. most welcome and appreciated. Thanks peoples.


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