Growl -- Where to download Growl notification installers for Applications?

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I downloaded Growl but I don't know where to download notification installers for Applciations, such as Firefox, Safari, etc.

I'm not sure if "Growl notification installers" is the proper term. This is what I mean.

Growl Camino notification installer script

Google? or is there a website that hosts a collection of popular Growl notification installers?


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    OK. The Chat Applications, for example, has the new Yahoo Messenger. Clicking the Yahoo Messenger icon goes to the Yahoo download page. I don't need to download it, I am already using it. In the Extra's folder that came with the Growl Disk Image, I see no script for Yahoo Messenger, same goes for a lot of other supported Applications. So, as a start, how do I make Growl and Yahoo work together?
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    Many applications have growl support built in. Others can use growl via a plugin.

    It looks like the latest version of Yahoo messenger has built in support so all you would need to do is install Growl, click "start growl" in the System Preferencees if it has not started already, then open your Yahoo program. In a few seconds, you should see "[Application] Registered" pop up and Yahoo should show up under the applications tab.
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    OK. Growl was already installed and running. When starting Yahoo, nothing Growl related happens. No prompts, no notifications, etc. Yahoo is not in Growl's System Preferences Applications tab. I did install the Safari notifications, though, they work and Safari is under the Growl's System Preferences Applications tab. But Yahoo, no.

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