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When I apply a fadeout to a video clip, iMovie always screws up the audio. It finds different ways to do it, as well.

When I fade out a clip that has been made using iMovie and my iSight it takes the audio from the second or so before the fade out and repeats it during the fade out. For example, if I say, "ok bye" and then leave the camera running for two second so i have room to fade out, I move will make it so my audio goes, "Ok bye. Ok bye." but the video fades correctly.

I am now editing some clips I downloaded from unitedstreaming for a project and when i apply a fadeout to a clip it scrambles the audio.

I know for a fact that what I am doing is correct in theory as I have a bachelor's degree in electronic media (I took multiple classes in editing audio and video in digital and analog.) So what am I doing wrong with iMovie. All I am doing is dragging the "fadeout" from transitions onto the end of the clip. I wait for it to render, then it scrambles.

Infuriatingly frustrating.

Any help?


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    Have you separated the audio track before adding video transitions?
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    dmberdmber Posts: 204member
    yes. it didn't help.

    good idea though.

    i would say that it may have just been the clip. because i took the clip to a different mac and imovie did the same thing on the other computer, but my copy of imovie has this "fade" problem with clips that are recorded on my macbook with my isight.
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    You might want this in Genius Bar...

    I use fade out all the time in iMove and have never had a problem with it. Are you sure all your software is properly updated?
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    dmberdmber Posts: 204member
    iMovie 6.0.3

    is that the newest?

    can a mod move this thread to the genius bar or should i start a new thread?

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    bergermeisterbergermeister Posts: 6,784member
    6.0.3 is the latest.

    What is your current OS version?

    How long are your video clips?

    I will be making another two movies over the next couple of days at work, so I will try fade outs in various places and get back to you.
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    dmberdmber Posts: 204member

    it does it with approx. 7 minute clips recorded in iMovie with built-in isight and with 30 second to 2 minute clips downloaded from unitedstreaming.

    is there a way for me to just re-install iMovie using the system discs that came with my macbook?

    thank you.
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    pasopaso Posts: 1member
    I too am having the same transition problem.. its really annoying..

    i have searched for a way to fix it but there is no settings or anything that i have found..

    mine has this audio problem with any of the transitions, it just seems really buggy..

    they say to export the audio, make any transitions, and then add the audio back but i don't know if it will work.. its worth a shot though!

    if anyone has the solution to this problem please post

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    I'm actually having problems where none of the transitions work at all. Not even in the preview function after they've been added. I exported a test clip to see if maybe the preview function was the problem, but no. Nothing. Just a blank screen and a buzzing sound, like somebody is ripping my video in half. And this is the case with every transition I have.

    I'm running Tiger and the latest update of iMovie. Should I reinstall? (Isn't that a Windows-esque solution, though?)

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    IDK I havn't had a problem with iMovie and I pretty much abuse the hell out of it. I always seperate my audio from my video, most of the time, I am working with completely different audio. It might have something to do with having both on the same track, but IDK. It seems that everyone here has a laptop, am I right? Using my Mac Pro I don't have any problems. You can go through your preferences and see if you can bump up the Memory/Ram maybe? I know with Pro Tools if you have a lot of Ram setup when your direct recording to track, it will have latency issues, so you need to bump the Ram down, and bring it back up when your using plug-ins. Video is a Ram hog for the most part. If your edits aren't really working right, I would check to see if you can play with Ram settings at all....
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    I am using both an iMac PPC and a brand new Intel iMac. I'm running OS X 10.4.9 and iMovie 6.0.3.

    I am trying to edit a movie that I imported from my digital camera (miniDV) into iMovie. I noticed at one point that whenever I used cross dissolve to transition between two clip, the transition repeats audio from the previous clip. Audio that's about 2 seconds prior to the end of the first clip. So, not only do I lose about 2 seconds of audio from the end of the fist clip but I hear the audio 2 seconds prior to that during the transition (and no audio from the clip that I am transitioning to).

    I've made tons of movies this way, and do much more sophisticated things in the past and have never had a problem. At first, I thought it was my new iMac. So, I copied the iMovie file to the old iMac and got the same results. It's so noticeable that I know this wasn't happening before.

    I did notice that it is sporadic. In playing around with different transitions between the two clips, sometimes the problem magically went away. If I change it again, it would come back. It's not specific to my machine because I have 2 iMacs (1 intel and 1 PPC) and the problems is the same on both.

    I don't pay attention too much when Apple upgrades my iLife or iMovie, but I'm betting this is a new bug. It's been months since I last made a movie with imovie.

    any fresh ideas would be appreciated.

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