How do I play music videos on AppleTV?

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I just received my Apple TV today and so far it's working great except for one thing.

I am streaming the content from my laptop with itunes and it's showing all the music except I also have two music videos. When I go to FrontRow on the mac it shows these music videos under music videos but yet when I go to the Apple TV it won't show any music vides at all, instead saying these don't exist. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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    dcqdcq Posts: 349member
    I neither have an @TV, nor Front Row.

    But I seem to remember something about music videos being relocated to the music library, rather than the video library. Maybe they're listed under music? Find the artist and title under music (rather than videos), and select play, then see what happens...
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    aryayusharyayush Posts: 191member
    Maybe the format isn't supported by Apple TV.
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    Originally Posted by aryayush View Post

    Maybe the format isn't supported by Apple TV.

    What format are they in?

    Also check to see if you have the option "Only sync checked items". If so, perhaps you don't have your music videos checked to be synced over.
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    You need to take it back and swap it for a Mac Mini and then watch MOG TV!
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