Samething As Monica Only Better?

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Is there a app that does what monica does and more as this app doesn't get updated much in os x, and i'd like it too finish http downloads if they get cut not restart there any apps you think i should dl for this job?

Please post



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    I prefer <a href=""; target="_blank">rachel</a> myself.

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    Isn't there any?

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    if ur not sheepish about the Terminal (in osx that is) you can get "cURL". it can resume downloads from ftp and http[s] sites. it also has a bunch of options, which might qualify as the "and more" [over monica] you requested.

    actually, and i'm not sure of this, cuz i've done plenty of custom installations on my box, but i think cURL comes with osx. try this from within terminal:

    [code]curl -O http: //</pre><hr></blockquote>

    and replace with the appropriate words in the proper places. you can also do ""; [note that the dash-oh has a letter 'o' and not zero after the dash] [edit: i put the space after "http:" cuz ubb fxcked it up when i didn't, in curl the space doens't really belong there]

    here's another syntax that you might find useful:

    [code]curl -o whatIWantToNameTheFile http: //</pre><hr></blockquote>

    with the little 'o' the downloaded file is named "whatIWantToNameTheFile". with the big 'O' it is named the same as it was on the server.

    i think, curl will automatically resume the downlaod if you try to download to a filename on your computer that already exists.

    [edit: ubb clobbered my attempted examples]

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