Parallels problems with Shared folders

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I just installed Parallels on my MBP. It's using my Boot Camp WinXP drive. I'm trying to setup a shared folder on my OS X partition to swap files to/from the WinXP partition.

I followed the instructions in Parallels help, but ran into two issues:

1) I can see my "Shared" OS X folder in the WinXP Explorer, and I can copy WinXP files into the OS X Shared (and see them in OS X), but when I try to copy files from Shared to other WinXP paths (ie: OS X files to WinXP paths), I get the WinXP dialog error: "Cannot copy file: Cannot read from the source file or disk."

The permissions for the Shared folder (in OS X) are read/write all (777), so I'm guessing this is a Parallels param I need to set?

At some point early on, there was a Parallels dialog asking if I wanted the WinXP system to be able to read my OS X drive. Wary of viruses, I clicked "no." Is this the issue?

2) I only setup the one "Shared" folder. Yet in the WinXP "Parallels Shared Folders" path, there is a shared network folder called ".Mac" that links to the root of my OS X partition. Huh? Huge security issue, yes? How do I turn this off?

Thanks in advance! fwiw, Aside from these folder sharing issues, Parallels is running great and Coherence is stellar.
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