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OK so I like to download Meet the Press and other video podcasts. If the download is 90% done and craps out, it restarts at THE BEGINNING! What the hell Apple? Also...why can't I start watching it when it's partially done? If it's halfway done, why can't I start watching the first half? These are serious annoyances. I was hoping the udpates would fix them. Shall I write in about these?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,232moderator
    If a file is open and something messes up the download, the OS can easily flush the whole file. This happens sometimes if the system crashes during Azureus downloads. Gigabytes can vanish instantly.

    I don't know if podcasts require certain features on the server end for resuming files though so maybe it's an issues with the server the podcast is on. Are they hosted by Apple or P2P?

    As for playing partial mp4, the format is required to be complete before it will play. Quicktime doesn't like partial files at all. Even VLC reports broken AVIs now.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    I am referring to podcasts from Apple through the iTunes Music Store like NBC News. And as to partials, VLC plays them for me fine all the time, when I'm downloading por....I mean educational videos, for example. VLC seems to simply be better than QT Player though, when it comes to this. Don't know if Apple can do anything about it, but since VLC made it happen I'd assume they could too.
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