Can itunes deal gracefully with classical music collections?

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I own a couple of multiple-cd boxes which contain for instance the works of Mozart or Bach.

My Bach: The Organ Works contains 20-ish cd's for instance.

I'd like to refrain from applying the [disc 1-20] tags to the end of the cd names, for obvious scrolling pleasure.

Using the disc tag works, but this makes itunes consider it as one giant album, I'd like it to distinguish the end of the cd somehow, put a nice little line between the cd's and stop playing there.

Hope you guys get my point.


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    paprochypaprochy Posts: 129member
    Here is a solution that I use. It's not the most elegant, and takes a bit of time, but it works.

    Select all of the musical pieces in the first part of the album and click get info. Then delete the "disc number" fields. Now rename the album from "My Bach: The Organ Works" to "My Bach: The Organ Works CD1".

    Now close the info window so the new tags apply and select the songs in the next part of the album on the list, they should all be in order if you are in list mode and select sort by CD number and then by track number.

    Now do the same thing you did for the first CD renaming it to "My Bach: The Organ Works CD2"

    And keep going until the end.

    I know it seems that it will take forever, but it's really only 20 edits so you should be done in about 5 minutes.
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    paprochypaprochy Posts: 129member
    Haha, sorry. I just noticed that you didn't want to add the CD# to the album title. I guess I don't have a solution for you.
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    davidzladavidzla Posts: 63member
    You could maybe use the "Grouping" field, i.e. "Complete Bach #2" or something similar.
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    Keep the CD names the same -- "Organ Works" -- but change the CD number to 1 of 20, 2 of 20, 3 of 20, etc. That should do it, I think. Just make sure you know what songs belong in each disc. Maybe put each disc into a playlist, then edit each CD # like that, then delete the playlist after all the stuff is saved.
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