Wireless connections

in macOS edited January 2014
My router is weird.

I have a Linksys router (model I don't know), and when I set it up (in June '06), I didn't put a password on it, therefore, it didn't have a password. I used my 14" iBook and 12" iBook on it for about 8 months with zero problems.

Then, when I got my 24" iMac, it wouldn't connect to the router becasuse I needed a password. I unplugged, replugged, and moved my router around, and for some reason, it let me connect. Awesome. For a month and half, no problems, even after unplugging it, but now, after unplugging it once, it is back to its original problem. It says it has a password, when it really doesn't. Even weirder, my 2 iBooks will still connect 100% of the time.

CLIFFS: My Linksys router does not have a password. My iMac thinks there is, so it won't connect, but my iBooks connect 24/7.
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