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Has anyone heard/made up any rumors about FrontRow one day supporting sync functionality similar to ATV? I have a DuoCore MacMini which I've been using as a media center. I've got loads of movies & tv series on firewire externals ripped from my DVD collection for ease of access (very very high Wifey Approval Factor! -- especially Baby Einstein, Veggie Tales & all 5000 seasons of Law & Order). I've created reference files for them (they're pretty much all .avi) so that iTunes can see them (and therefore FrontRow can see them under the main menu items). I chose .avi a while back because I had intended to burn them as needed onto DVDs to play on a Philips Divx-capable DVD player.

Anyway, so I have like this 1/2 TB library of movies, tv shows & music videos.

I also have a PC; a Core2Duo MCE with 2GB RAM & 3/4TB worth of internal & 250GB external drives. "My" box that has all the household music and feeds the XBOX360 (BTW, X360 has a very low WAF by comparison to FrontRow). I really don't feel like transcoding all my avi content to wmv for the MC/MCE systems. I'm planning on getting an ATV: I want to move the MacMini to the living room and put the ATV in our bedroom and leave the PC in the office.

Okay, back to my main question. I know the ATV will sync with iTunes on the PC. No probs. But currently the MacMini has external drives. I want to shuck those and keep it "clean" if it's going to be in the Living Room. So -- is FrontRow going to be able to sync with iTunes on the MCE PC so I'm not having to create reference files and stream content across my wireless network? Anyone know of a way to do it with the current version? I'm not a complete suckass at Mac, but I've been a PC guy forever so I'm still trying to figure this thing out.



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    Originally Posted by 2bkolohe View Post

    Has anyone heard/made up any rumors about FrontRow one day supporting sync functionality similar to ATV?

    It's comin', I can feel it.
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    It would make perfect sense to be able to use a MacBook as a "portable Apple TV". At least for those of use who store their files on an external drive they don't want to carry with them.
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