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Hey,'s it going?

My brother has just released an "iPod copying utility" for Jaguar. I'm sure you've seen similar products, but this blows it away. He has asked me to tell the AppleInsider world about this. Did I mention that this is an AWESOME way to increase your iTunes library? It is. So, if you could, would you please try the Shareware version of this and tell me what you think? Remember, you can get your full version for $11.95. For a better description, here are some of his notes on it:

Product Description:

PodWorks is the latest entry in the crowded field of iPod song copying utilities, but it has several important differences that I feel distinguish it immediately from the competition.

The most important feature of PodWorks is its ability to read the iPod's proprietary, internal database format (the same data source used by iTunes in examining the iPod). This gives PodWorks a distinct advantage over other, similar applications, which typically have to pull ID3 data out of every file on a given iPod to obtain song information (a very time consuming process). By contrast, when a new iPod is detected by PodWorks, that iPod's song list is rendered nearly instantaneously from the database--no "scanning" of the iPod necessary! Additional features include:

*\tDrag-and-drop song copying to the Finder.

*\tiTunes-style type-ahead search of song data (title, artist, album).

*\tiTunes-style song sorting by multiple columns.

*\tPreferences for song renaming and copies into directory hierachies.

*\tOptimized, fully multithreaded copy routines for superior performance.

*\tAutomatic detection of iPod mounts and unmounts.

*\tSupport for multiple simultaneous iPods.

You can get it at:

<a href=""; target="_blank">Versiontracker</a>-download trial or

<a href=""; target="_blank">ScifiHifi</a>-official website, buy full version, or download trial.

Thanks in advance!


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