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I would love to get the Cinema Display, just for its looks.

I was waiting for a price move/upgrade from Apple on that. Now that it happend though, I feel underwhelmed. I have the feeling that you can easily get a monitor of the same quality for half the price.

Am I right or am I missing something when I compare displays?

What are your suggestions for cheaper Cinema Display alternatives?

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    shanmugamshanmugam Posts: 1,200member
    you might like to know there were price drops for the cinema displays

    alternatives for cinema displays

    1. Dell

    2. Samsung

    3. Viewsonic

    IMHO, all of these very quality products
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    ak1808ak1808 Posts: 108member
    I went with a Cinema HD and have to say: It's worth it.
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    spindriftspindrift Posts: 674member
    I have a 30" Apple Cinema display and I love it.

    I also have a Dell, which is also very good and actually has better connectivity, but I use that on my PC.

    I have also owned 4 (Pro) Viewsonic displays within the last 2 years, all of them have had dead pixels. I'll never buy another Viewsonic.
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    I've always been a fan of matching my apple with apple accessories. I just seem to run into fewer problems. And besides, the cinemas look fantastic!
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    I have a 23" and I have no complaints at all. I can say it's the best monitor I've worked on so far.
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    f1turbof1turbo Posts: 247member
    I have a 23" cinema display that started going bad after about 3 years, 3 months. The bottom half of the display is darker than the top half. At anything less than full brightness, if flickers very badly. Waiting until it gets too bad to use to replace it. Considering Apple, Dell, Samsung (is this still vaporware?) 30" as replacements.
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