Cannot Connect To Hidden Network

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I have a wireless DSL modem (2Wire). I can connect via LAN or with WIFI.

I have it set up with a network name, on channel 9, with 128 bit encryption (WEP hex, I believe). I have it set to hidden (SSID off).

I can connect with my XP systems but not with my new MacBook Pro.

If I turn SSID on, Airport sees it and asks me for a password (it will not automatically connect to it when I turn the notebook on though).

If I turn SSID off again, it will not connect. I went through the trouble shooting stuff and it doesn't do jack.

The only way I can get on the net is by connecting to the modem via LAN or turning SSID on (which I don't want to do because I have nosy neighbors).

Any ideas?

(God, I love these smilies! )


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