Grindhouse made with Apple Shake and Final Cut Pro

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Check out this article about the making of Grindhouse. It seems that Shake was used quite a bit for effects (the machine gun leg Rose McGowan has) and Final Cut Pro was used for small edits on set.


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    Interesting read. It seems some of Apple's strategy isn't working for one the groups working on it:

    "Software used includes Softimage XSI, with Discreet Flame and Combustion 4 from Autodesk for rotoscoping work and an older version of Apple Shake, ?which they are reluctantly planning to abandon in favor of a new PC-Based system?."

    Apple stopped Shake at 2.5 on Windows and the Linux version currently costs about 10 times more than the Mac version. Are Macs really that bad that studios would rather change their entire workflow and software base than buy them? Maybe it has something to do with Shake being at the end of its cycle.

    It seems a lot of people used After Effects. AE seems ok but nodes are just so much better to work with. If Apple combine Motion and Shake, it could pretty much cover all the functionality AE has. My only concern over such a move would be if they used hardware acceleration, which they likely would. Shake runs about the same on the lowest end machines as even high end ones with much better GPUs. This wouldn't be the case if they heavily used GPU acceleration.
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