Remove authorized access point from list

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I have a Buffalo Nfinity 802.11n router that I installed OpenWRT on.

I also have a new MacBook Pro (15", 2.33GHz) and purchased the 802.11n enable driver from Apple. After installing it, I rebooted and it promptly crashed upon reboot during the connection.

I have seen a few other mentions that when connecting to 3rd party 802.11n routers, OS X crashes.

Luckily, I have another wireless router here that is 802.11g and when I connect up to it, no problems. Since I configured both wireless routers on my MacBook, whichever has the strongest signal my MacBook tries to connect to. It's fine for the 802.11g, but it still crashed everytime connecting to the 802.11n router. How do I remove that router from being attempted to connect to? It shows up in my menu bar.

Now if Apple would either fix this problem or give me a refund, it would be great.
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