viewing non-embedded itunes album artwork over network

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014

i am exploring the two methods of adding album artwork to itunes, embedded and non-embedded. my preference is to go for non-embedded, as my artwork is quite large (500Kb), as is my collection (20000 tracks). i would like to be able to view album artwork on my ipod as well as over my local network. at the moment i can't see any album artwork over the network if i use the non-embedded method - is there any way of getting this working? i can see the artwork if it is embedded, though of course coverflow doesn't work over the network at present (shame). i can only see the artwork in every track if it is embedded in every track though, which means a lot more capacity is needed on my local drive for increased file sizes (500kb * 20000) = 10GB. this isn't such a big deal on the local drive, but 10GB extra on the ipod is of course a lot of space to use for artwork. i could settle for not having album artwork on the ipod, but if it is embedded in each track then i don't have the choice but to transfer it onto the ipod (i think i've got this right). at present i am using the 'lossless-AAC script' to convert from apple lossless to AAC for the ipod, but there doesn't seem to be any way of stripping the artwork in this process, or ideally reducing the artwork to a reasonable size for the ipod. as i understand it, when i use the non-embedded method, itunes sends a small version of the artwork to the ipod. ideally i would like a similar method for local artwork, rather than artwork downloaded from the itunes store.

i am used to using a PC, and J River Media Center as my media player, which had a much better method of handling artwork. you could store the artwork in each album folder and it would be recognised automatically by the media player, without embedding, and a smaller version would be sent to the ipod. this non-embedded artwork could be recognised over the local network, and you could even have multiple artwork which would play as a slideshow in full screen mode. i am hoping that itunes will work towards such functionality, but in the meantime would like a way of at least being able to view my artwork over my local network, ideally in fullscreen mode, using cover version visualisation, without embedding into each track if possible, but if i have to embed, without all the artwork being transfered to the ipod.


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