Panorama Software - Quicktime VR defunct?

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I just got a great Benro ball head for my DSLR (Sony a100) and I'm going to want to make some panoramas.

First, from what I've seen online, it looks like the Canon panorama software is the best... I've managed to get a copy...

Second, I'd like to create a 360 degree panorama. Something like what you get with QTVR.

How do I author QTVR, or is there another type of technology I should use?

I basically just want to be able to spin around in a circle...

Thanks for the help.

*EDIT* Oh... looks like the Canon software has this built in.

Still I'd like to use QTVR if anyone knows how.


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    bergermeisterbergermeister Posts: 6,784member
    Piece of cake using the Canon software... made this from images form my S2 IS:

    Now have a Canon EOS Kiss Xti, but haven't had time (not smething I seem to have much of right now) to make more 360s. I want to make a collection of 360s form around where I live in Japan, maybe evn linking them into a tourable journey using CubicConnector which is so simple it is ridiculous.

    Have fun, and post some links!
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    Have a look at Doubletake - its very good

    Also the new version of photomerge in Photoshop CS3 is much much better than the version in CS2.

    Yesterday I made these panoramas of the Thames in London at dusk using CS3 beta

    These were all shot hand held by the way, on a new Fuji S5 Pro
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    bergermeisterbergermeister Posts: 6,784member
    I shot mine without a tripod, just guessing the position (roughly 16 shots around in a circle; sometimes I use 15 or them, sometimes it's 17. Just make sure you have plenty of overlap and any 360 that is of distant images will come out pretty nice.
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