2 gigs of RAM or 2.16 Ghz processor?

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I'm about to get a new iMac, and was wondering which would be the wiser choice: getting 2 gigs of RAM, or getting a 2.16 ghz processor? I work a lot in iMovie and Final Cut Express, which is why I'm also getting a 500 gig harddrive, but in terms of usefulness to me, which would be the better choice? thanks, I appreciate it.


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    hardeeharharhardeeharhar Posts: 4,841member
    RAM > Processor Power.

    This equation has been true for some time...
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    maimezvousmaimezvous Posts: 802member
    The RAM. Get as much as you can.
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    got it. thanks a lot!
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    Of course, you could upgrade the RAM 3 moths down the road, but you'll never be able to upgrade the CPU.
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    if I did that, I would probably never get around to getting more RAM. \
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    I would get the CPU and RAM upgrade and buy an external 500GB HD for less then $200 third party and use the internal for OS/apps. Then you get it all.
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    pbpb Posts: 4,232member
    Originally Posted by hardeeharhar View Post

    RAM > Processor Power.

    This equation has been true for some time...

    Of course this is not generally true and it depends on the usage, but with the small increments that the latest CPUs are progressing, more RAM will certainly outweigh the benefit of a small clock speed difference, especially under heavy load.
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    applebookapplebook Posts: 350member
    The extra RAM will make a far more noticeable impact; however, upgrading the CPU is difficult, while adding more RAM later is simple.
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    Why not wait for the iMac refreshes? They are due any week now. Then you will have a faster system for less money.
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