Challenges presented by Warcraft 2 on a G4. . . yes, Warcraft 2.

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OK, so it's Winter break, I got a new Powerbook, and most of all, I'm really bored.

I ordered EI Universe 5 to do a 3D project, but it hasn't arrived yet, and I was searching through my CDs to see if I picked up a trial somewhere of a previous version.

Anyway, I dusted off an old copy of Warcraft 2 that I found in the CD bin. Software tends to come with base hardware requirements. It turns out that my powerbook is too fast. It's a challenge just to move around, since there's absolutely no degree of mouse control, even at the lowest setting. Moving the cursor to the edge of the screen causes the viewable window to jump off the map faster than you can say "ready to serve". Maybe I should upgrade to 3. I hear that sucks up CPU time like a champ.


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    I havent played WC2 in quite a while, but if I remember correctly, you can set both the game speed and the mouse scroll speed in the game options, just like in Starcraft and WC3.

    WC3 is a very good game. I would definately recommend it. But make sure you update it to the latest version right away(even for single player) especially if you are using OS X. Version 1.03 DRAMATICALLY improved performance in OS X. Now it is at 1.04 I believe, although they are continuously updating it.
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    This is a known bug. Even my G3 266 scrolled unplayably too fast.

    You need to get the Battle net edition. The bug was fixed there. There are no plans of a patch for the non Battle Net version.

    It should be cheap anyway. I picked it up for $20 canadian.
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    Yeah, thanks anyway. I think I'll skip the battlenet edition and go straight to version 3. It looks a bit more Myth-ish, with fewer building upgrades, smaller parties of troops, and of course a 3D landscape. Of course, since I think Myth is great, so that's a good thing.
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    [quote]Originally posted by tonton:

    <strong>Yeah, but is it playable on a 400MHz PowerBook (8MB video, no QE support)?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Most certainly not!

    WC3 is unplayable on an iMac 500 w/8MB R128pro, which is better than your PB.
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    [quote]Originally posted by r-0X#Zapchud:


    Most certainly not!

    WC3 is unplayable on an iMac 500 w/8MB R128pro, which is better than your PB.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Not really, but regardless, I tried it out on a bunch of my machines for curiousity, and it's not very playable on anything that doesn't have a semi-decent graphics card. I think the lowest card you're going to want to have is a PCI Radeon. A friend has a Yosemite at something in the ballpark of 500Mhz (oc'ed from 450) and a PCI Radeon. It wasn't great, but then again, it wasn't bad. Interestingly, I didn't notice it doing better on a celeron 1Ghz desktop. (GF2MX, I think). It plays well on my new powerbook (1Ghz) though. It also ran quite well on a G4 dual 450 with Radeon 8500, and even on a G4 533 with Radeon 8500.
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    Yeah that happened to me on my iMac(dvse 500 w/ r128 pro)...I don't remember it happening on an old beige g3 266 that we had and I don't think it happens on the other iMac (333) in my house.

    it is certainly a strange thing

    I played WC3 all the way up till the second to last stage of the night elf campaign, that was when it got too laggy to play.

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    I had to deal with this problem (on WC2 even) in 99 on my B&W. There was some strange utility I downloaded that caused the system to think it was slower than it was.

    This is a funny thing, I remember some apps that used to run way too fast on my 7500/100 because they were written for the assumption that cpus weren't going to go much faster than the 10 and 25 Mhz that they were before that. Characters zipped across the screen like they were on speed.

    Anyway, your cpu is just too fast. (bet you haven't heard that about a mac in a long time)

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