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I bought an Apple TV from a lady off of craigslist early in the day when they arrived in the retail stores, she got one in a drawing at work somehow. Anyway, it cost me $250 cash, its been worth it. I really enjoy watching video podcasts and having music on demand. Its very nice for what purposes I have for it.

However, I don't have the original receipt, just a PDF of the shipping info.

So....if something goes bad, can I get warranty service if I bring it in to the local Apple Store?

Can I, or should I purchase Apple TV Applecare, or would it not be valid since I'm not the original owner?

thanks for the replies!

oh, oddly enough I noticed Apple TV Applecare for 2 years is $49 and the stupid iPod is $59. Go figure!


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    1. You can take any Apple product to the Apple store for service, with or without a receipt. They'll check the serial # and see if the product is still under warranty. If it is, you're good to go.

    2. You can purchase AppleCare for any Apple product after you bought it, provided that it's still under warranty. So yes, you could go to an Apple store, buy an AppleCare for TV plan, and you'd be covered. AppleCare isn't really a contract-type deal you sign like with Best Buy and many other stores; it's something you activate on an existing product using its serial #.

    3. The reason AppleCare is cheaper for TV than for the iPod, the reason I didn't get it for mine, and the reason I'd say not to get it, is that TV is a simple, stationery product unlikely to suffer any damage. Compare that to an iPod which is constantly in motion, being dropped and picked up, etc.

    If you want that extra peace of mind, get it, though.
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    thank you very much!
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