Virgin Media and MAC

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Hi All,

Is anyone using Virgin Media to connect to broadband? I've been looking at the minimum spec and it says that the browser should be IE. Is Safari not supported?

It also says that MAC is ONLY supported by NICS not USB.

Anyone know what NICS means?

Thanks in advance.


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    yamayama Posts: 427member
    Yeah, I use them (or NTL as they used to be known). You can use any browser you want to explore the web - it really doesn't matter. During the installation you go have to go on their website and register. I did this with Safari without any problems.

    No idea what NICS is though
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,209moderator
    Originally Posted by Sean65 View Post

    It also says that MAC is ONLY supported by NICS not USB.

    Anyone know what NICS means?

    NIC stands for something like Network Interface Card, it just means ethernet. There won't be USB support because that means supplying a driver and typically developers don't like putting in any effort to write Mac drivers. Ethernet is better anyway because there's no chance it will cause system instability and there aren't many other uses for your ethernet port so you'd be as well using it.

    As for IE support, they could mean the modem setup page if it's also a router. I had a router where the network stats page didn't work in Safari. It eventually started working when Safari reached a certain version. They could mean they use IE for ActiveX based stuff.
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    sean65sean65 Posts: 6member
    Cool! Thanks guys, that all makes sense.

    P.S. Don't ever be tempted to go for TalkTalk. My 11 month nightmare is finally coming to an end.
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