Is there a trick to connecting to an EMC-NAS share?

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I am on a corporate network and need to get to an EMC-NAS share. I know what the server name is but when I try and connect to it, I get an error. I know very little about network shares and how they are set up, but before the share was moved to EMC-NAS I was able to connect to it on the iBook as long as I had permissions to the share.

I can connect to the NAS share without a problem from my PC when logged on to the network, but I can't connect to it from my iBook when I am logged onto the network.

Is there some trick to connecting to a NAS share?


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    outsideroutsider Posts: 6,008member
    No trick per se but do you know what protocol you are trying? I'm assuming it's a Windows share and not AFP. Try using this:



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    mikefmikef Posts: 697member
    Could also be NFS (nfs://) as well, but I would guess that most large NAS boxes come with dual protocols now... I know NetApp didn't use to. CIFS was an add-on.
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    Thank you Outsider and mikef

    This protocol worked: smb://server_name_or_IP/share_name

    Much appreciated!
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