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Did anyone determine why Apple TV icons are inconsistant with iLife and FrontRow?

iMovie, iTunes and iPhoto icons are the same icons used in front row, but not Apple TV. It is all the same content per application. Why did it change? All three (iLife, FrontRow and Apple TV) should have the same icons.

The Podcast icon in apple TV is the same as the one used in iTunes.

Sources is basically the Wireless icon used by WiFi devices.

Does anyone else think the Apple TV icons for Movies, Music and Photo's lack the creative design?


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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    Perhaps that's what Front Row 2.0 will look like.
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    I think the current AppleTV icons will be used in the next version of Front Row.

    Stealing icons from iPhoto and iTunes is a bit confusing, and not really the direction they want to take Front Row/AppleTV, in which there isn't a 1:1 relationship between AppleTV sections and apps.
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    The icons are those used in iTunes (for filing Movies, TV etc)
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    The icons in Front Row and Back Row (TV) aren't meant to represent iMovie, iTunes, and iPhoto. That would be misleading; you're not really accessing iMovie when you click on Movies in TV.

    It would make no sense to align the icons of Front Row or TV with iLife. iLife applications let you view AND organize, edit, and create digital work. Front Row and TV are just viewers.

    The difference between Front Row and TV may be preserved simply to distinguish them; otherwise a novice user may think them the same thing. They're similar enough as it is.

    If you find them unappealing, that's fine. I think they look "classic", in the sense that they're clear, well designed, and recognizable. They won't win any awards, but they convey what they're supposed to.
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