Mac OS X Theme Change in Leopard Seed 9A410

in macOS edited January 2014
No more brushed metal. Unified theme. I don't think it's going to change much from here.

(If these are real that is. They look real...)


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Silver only, or all-silver as an option vs. all-white?
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    It's funny because I've had shapeshifter installed for so long that when I looked at those pictures I could have sworn that's how the default already looks. I suppose that means that they HARDLY changed it... which sucks.

    Oh, and I HATE the folders. So ugly
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    zandroszandros Posts: 537member
    I don't think this is final. They haven't fixed anything of that which is wrong with brushed metal windows, which is excessively large borders and waste of screen real estate. (Safari is blessedly free of these "features").

    I actually don't have anything against the actual brushed metal skin, especially how it looks in Safari. I wish they could make the shapes (round glass, square glass, matte, and abstract shapes like in Smultron) of UI widgets consistent though. looks really out of place, and now in this theme the back and forward arrow widgets aren't even consistant over finder-spotlight.

    I want either a Pro theme, like Aperture, both windowed and full screen looks good, or a theme with square glass widgets.
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    jlljll Posts: 2,709member
    Originally Posted by Kickaha View Post

    Silver only, or all-silver as an option vs. all-white?

    This dark unified theme is the only theme in the current build - the light one from Tiger is gone too.
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    Yeah, it definitely looks like this is only part of the coming UI revision. Looks good in some areas but in others it's obvious they need to update more of the elements.
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    From what I can gather the white version of this theme has now been reserved for windows that are out of focus. See for instance these screenshots over at Flickr:

    Generally I think that this seems like a good idea that helps discriminate between front and background windows more clearly than just having some buttons turn greyish as was the case before.

    But the Mail/Preview type of blue pill-buttons look rather odd against the new darker background so they will probably be redesigned.
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