Rip out Apple TV wireless N card for MBP Core Duo

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
My Apple TV has been irking me quite a lot with flakey wireless, it just 'forgets' its very good connection to my Airport Extreme every night...and since I also have bad reception on the patio, I picked up another Airport Extreme and plugged it into the Apple TV and set it up in WDS I have a strong signal everywhere...its great.

However, since I'm not using the card in the Apple TV and my MBP Core Duo only has a G card and I want an N card (which the Apple Store refused to sell me today, without bringing in a Mac Pro for the free install with purchase of said $49 N card) , can I just pull that sucker out and follow the directions? I think its the same card as the Mac Pro...

I'm about to buy a T6 Torx and get to work...anyone say 'nay' ? Maybe put that unused G card into the Apple TV as a backup.

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