The decline of IT continues

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Ever try to apply for one of those jobs where they only allow you to apply through an online form, no mailed or emailed resumes allowed, no phone number? The best part is when the goddamn website doesn't work right. I just had one of those wonderful experiences.

First, their stupid site didn't work right, giving me an error from the employment ad link before I even got there. A couple of days later, it finally worked, but after submitting the resume online, I got a 404 error. This was in Safari. Okay, tried Firefox with the same result. Ditto with Camino. Finally got automated email confirmations that all three went through. Great. Nice first impression I must have given with three submissions. Must have made me look desperate. Contacted their website support email and told them about the problem and told them I tried it with these three Mac browsers. "Our website works perfectly," they claimed. "Try emptying out your cache," then they proceeded to give me instructions on just how to do that ... in Internet Explorer for Windows! Geez louise! Do they have any idea what a 404 error is? That's a server-side error. Page not found. Not a damn thing I can do about it since it's being directed there through one of their links, not from a mistyped URL on my part. Besides, how could I be having cache problems with three separate browsers? And this is a company that specializes in information technology? I can see why they were advertising for more people. The people they have there right now are morons.


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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    sounds like you should avoid this mess of a company....for many reasons including elistist approach to customer service and i think their IT dept and web development have deep problems.

    unless you have the patients and skill to "fix" them. perhaps you could email a "solutions analysis for these issues and tell them how your skills can improve their mess.
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    Not to be the one to defend stupidity, but in many cases, job boards and online application systems are chosen and administered by HR and not the IT department. Some of these systems are purchased off the shelf but are given a custom interface by the company for marketing purposes; in all likelyhood, you have applied for a job at another company using the same software. So it may not be the company's fault.

    Then again, assuming that it is a computer related organization, they should have a better fix on the software they purchase and inquire about technical support before switching their entire recruitment procedures to one source. So maybe they are a mess of a company.
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