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I recently attempted to create a tv watchable dvd file from a .dv file using roxio toast titanium. When I started, I had about 2.6 gigs left on my hard drive and the .dv file I wanted to take off of a dvd-r and edit was about 2 gigs. I added the .dv file to the project in Toast and then decided to go another route so I closed the prgram without saving. Now my hard drive has a roxio toast temp file (~2.1G) taking up all the space. When I open up Toast, it is nowhere to be found and I can't find it anywhere else. I've tried searching the hd by name, size, date, and nothing comes up. Any ideas on where I could find the file? Thanks.



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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,175moderator
    It's usually in one of the temp folders. If you use the Finder go menu and go to /tmp and hit return, it could be there or it can also be in /var/tmp.
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    phullphull Posts: 2member
    Still no luck. I looked in those folders and there was nothing. This is a complete mystery. If anyone else has any ideas, I would love to hear them.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,175moderator
    Your best bet is to use a program like Whatsize:

    It should tell you where you are losing space. It's maybe in a cahes folder or something I can never remember because every program has different places they like to use.
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