Intermittent wireless connection

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I wonder if anyone can shed some light on a curious problem I'm having with my Macbook Pro. I recently switched from a DSL to a cable-based broadband ISP. I continue to use the same Belkin wireless router. Everything was fine for a couple weeks. Then I started experiencing connection time outs and server not found errors after being connected for a while. I tried repairing permissions, deleting the airport preferences file from my systemconfiguration improvement. I discovered that the problem could be temporarily fixed by turning my airport off and on.

Now I've disabled the WPA security mode on the Belkin router and so far the connection seems normal again. Is it that the security setting somehow doesn't jibe with the DHCP protocol? If so, why was the setup working fine for a couple weeks? I don't have this problem at other access points and strangely, my older powerbook has had no such problems with the same setup. Will I be able to use WEP security without a recurrence?
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