Desktop Problem!! Serious! PLEASE HELP!

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Ok I know I am not one of the people to usually say this but I have a HUGE problem! My desktop has sort of faded inward and now the whole bmp image of the desktop is inlarged.

Please HELP!


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    Please I am begging you..if anyone knows what is going on please help!
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    mikefmikef Posts: 698member
    Since you provide so little information, it's kinda difficult to determine what the problem might be.

    If you're using a CRT display, I would guess it's failing.

    If you're not, well, I don't know what you're seeing.
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    I did something funky with the ctrl button and the mouse (Macbook)
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    My desktop now sorta moves around with my mouse.
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    k squaredk squared Posts: 608member
    Sounds like you have 'zoomed' your desktop....look under unviersal access and help to find the correct key combo to go back.
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    tilttilt Posts: 396member
    Originally Posted by Attackthesolo View Post

    My desktop now sorta moves around with my mouse.

    You have zoomed into your desktop. Press CTRL and scroll the mouse the opposite way and you shall see it zooming back out and you will be returned to normal and your desktop will stop moving around with your mouse.

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