Missing some items from my menu bar

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
My clock is no longer in my menu bar. Neither is my wireless indicator. Clock, i don't really mind, but i have to have that wireless thing so i can connect to networks. i'm trying not to panic, but i'm getting there.

i just used Onyx today, but I didn't change anything (and there's nothing available to change) that would affect either of these two things.

anyone have any ideas?


ok, now i went to my clock & time system pref and got my clock back, but my wireless is still missing.

edit: nevermind. now i completely fixed it. i just had to go into the network pref pane. but it's still weird because i never unchecked them. hmm...i wonder what happened. ok, carry on.


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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Cool. Sometimes icons will disappear mysteriously from menu bar. Just go back and "check" them again in SystemPreferences (eg. wireless, bluetooth, etc.), even if you haven't "unchecked" them.
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    dmberdmber Posts: 204member
    right on. i just got really nervous because i had been doing a bit of tinkering with onyx and i was scared i had deleted my wireless...a week before finals.

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    mgkwhomgkwho Posts: 167member
    That has happened to me when I try to rearrange them (holding command), and there have been large spaces in between and what not. Then they randomly go away, but restarting didn't fix it at least first.

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