Need some help With VPC 6

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Hi all....i just draged the app it self from the disc like the installer PDF says...and i installed windows 2000 pro but i remeber when i had verson 2 of VPC that there was a way to share files from the mac to the pc with folders....but i can't do it with VPC 6 as it tells me that shared folders isn't installed? Now how do i install it? is it an installer on the disc? Or do i need to set something in windows for it to work? How do you set this up as the help file doesn't help me.

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    This is something VPC usually detects itself, and then asks if you want to update the 'obsolete VPC additions', or 'install VPC additions', which is software that enables VPC to cooperate for shared folders support, and some other nice things like mouse drivers, graphics drivers etc.
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    Hmmm so is there an installer somewhere on the disc that makes shared folders thing work?

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    It was previously, but I think it's part of the VPC application, where VPC installs is when you permit, when it sees the need (automatic).
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    frank, in the virtual machine window, you should see multiple icons at the bottom left. The right-most icon of it is for the additions. Click and hold and you should get an "install" menu item (your OS needs to be running). That will run an installer on the target machine which will require a restart. After the restart, you'll get features such as a start menu in the OS X dock, Shared Folders, automatic resolution switching, etc.
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    Didn't VPC just come out this week? How'd you get it so fast?
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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    [quote]Originally posted by EmAn:

    <strong>Didn't VPC just come out this week? How'd you get it so fast?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Looking at VPC's support forum, many people already appear to have it.
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