iDVD 06

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Ok here's the deal. I need iDVD! I had a legal install/restore disk with iLife 06 on it, but I lost it. I recently had problems with my mac (and still am not sure why). But I ended up using a friends install/restore disk which only has iLife 05 on it, to reinstall OS X. This fixed the problem but I still need iDVD 06. I have to burn a DL DVD soon, and iDVD 06 does Dual Layer a lot better than 05 does (an Apple Store Genius even said the same thing). I have gotten all the other iLife 06 programs except GarageBand. But I don't need that quickly so I don't really care about it right now.

Anyway what I want to know is. Can somebody just take the iDVD 06 App just the app and upload it to my server? I would really appreciate it. If you have iLife 06 on your mac and will do this for me. PM me I'll give you my server info and then you can upload. This would be really helpful. Thanks
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