Apple TV USB and Movies

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
My roommates have long been wondering what will happen with (and beyond) HD movies. Digital is clearly the way to go, but downloading would take forever for an HD version of a full-length movie.

My idea is this. Now that the Apple TV has a USB port on the back, I wonder if movie companies could go that route. Instead of buying a (scratchable) DVD, HD DVD, or Blu-Ray disc, consumers buy a USB flash drive with the movie on it. Plug it in to your Apple TV (or other compatible device) and you can store as much movie/extras on there in whatever format you want.

You could also do lots with the DRM there, I guess. Movie rental stores could just give you a drive to plug into their server and you copy over the movie you want to rent. It could be a self-destructing file after a certain amount of time or something.

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