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I'll be a freshman in college next year to study Film. I'm going to need a MacBook Pro, I just need to know what version to get. Here are my questions:

1. Does the MacBook Pro have a Digital Video input and software to capture Digital Video out-of-box?

2. I need to have a Windows OS on my Mac, I know there are a few ways to do this (Boot Camp, Parrallels, etc.), but what is the best way? Also, XP or Vista?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    debenmdebenm Posts: 99member
    Macbook pro is a great system for DV... All current MBP's come with both firewire 400 and 800 so the digitial video imput is no problem at all.

    Every new mac comes with iLife, which includes iMovie HD for light video editing. Since you are a student you can also get final cut express preinstalled on your machine for an extra $149.00. The full Final Cut Studio 2 is $699.00 as a student (make sure you have a lot of ram on that macbook pro if you are going to run pro apps like final cut ~ 2-3 gig of ram would be smart).

    You've got to buy your Macbook through the educational store on apples site... that will cut $200.00 off the top of the computer price. ( )

    Running windows (xp or vista) on a MBP is very easy with either bootcamp or parallels... Which one you want to do really depends on what you want to do with windows. For myself I'd use bootcamp (if I even wanted to run windows) just because I don't want to spend an extra $80 for parallels.

    Hope this helps.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,172moderator
    I prefer Bootcamp too. With Parallels, I used nearly as much space and it still doesn't support 3D even though they practically promised it by the end of last year.

    Having to reboot is a pain sometimes but it's the only way to get Windows completely working and the reboot kind of puts you off using it eventually, which is a good thing IMO.
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    eaieai Posts: 417member
    Personally, I'd recommend trying just using Bootcamp, if you genuinely need to use Windows a lot, either stay in Windows all the time (!) or get parallels (if you can cope with the limitations it has). I'm not sure if you're a Mac user already, but make sure you give OS X a chance before you just use Windows!
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